The 5 Principles of a Great Boss

Foreign Trade Competition Between U.S. States - Governing Magazine

America's Moon Rocket: The Saturn V

The Biggest Health Problem of All?

Crain's Cleveland Business on "The Customer Trap"

The Customer Trap @ Regional Manufacturing Council, October 20, 2017

Meeting Hell: When Decision Makers Can't Decide

It's Getting Harder to Find Someone Who Can Pass a Drug Test

When Your Biggest Customer Wants More, Maybe Say 'No'

Shale Energy and Its Geopolitical Impact - Utica Upstream

The "Laptop Ban" on Commercial Flights - USA Today

How Trump Pays for the Wall

Trump and His Use of American Power

"Managing Global Political Risks" - 8 March 2017, Ashland, Ohio

UK "Sunday and Daily Express" on Walmart's Challenges

"American Workforce Radio": Trump and the Global Implications

starts at minute 35:00

"Managing Global Political Risks" - 7 December 2016, Canton, Ohio

What Really, Really Terrifies the World About Trump

Terrorism, Business, and Managing Friction

"American Workforce Radio": Global Trade and Worker Rights

starts at minute 32:00


"The Current and Future State of the U.S. Economy" - 21 September 2016

Zyme Channel Data Management Summit - San Jose, CA

Trump is Right on Trade, But He Doesn't Know Why

"Manufacturing Matters" Series - Fall 2016

When Nobody is in Charge

5 Lessons from Walmart's Decline

How to Lose $50 Billion

The Continued Scourge of Air Rage

How Robots Can Save and Create Manufacturing Costs

Fracking: It's Really About the Chemicals

2015 Book: The Customer Trap: How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Business

Independent We Stand: Are You in The Customer Trap?

Channel Data Management and Supply Chain Success

Enterprise Apps Today: Channel Data Management Sheds Light on Supply Chain

2015 Book: Romania and Moldova at the Crossroads

Is Moldova Next for Putin's Russia?

2015 Book: Global Supply Chain Security

Suez and Panama: A Healthy Competition

Innovation's Second Step

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